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So far, our community has contributed $206419.20 to TitanReach!
Our most recent supporter is End. They contributed $15.00. Thanks!

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You are purchasing credits, a value against your account. $1 = 1 credit. These credits will be spent via our shop, which will contain items such as Early Access, Cosmetics and In-Game Titles etc. We do not sell tradable items, or anything that falls under definition of Pay to Win (exp & time saving boosts, gambling currencies etc).

Check out our store, here for a full list of items available for purchase.

100% of the money raised will be spent on the development of TitanReach. This includes development time, assets, contractors, licenses, tools, server costs, and more.

We are always in talks with investors/publishers. It's important to us that any investors who are considered for TitanReach share the same goals as us. These processes unfortunately take time, but we will aim to provide updates to our community with any significant updates.

Early Access opened on March 7th and is able to be purchased (This is a one-time purchase), downloaded and played right now, until the Closed Alpha release (Q4 2021). During this time, we will regularly be providing content updates to our players.

If you would like to purchase access to the Early Access build, check out our store here.

To request a refund for any items or credits you have purchased, please review the details of our refund policy, here.

Contact us at support@titanreach.com. We will work through any issues with you directly.

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