Support TitanReach Development!

Posted by: Ghostflex

You can now help to support the development of TitanReach. You create an account, login, and purchase credits which will be a currency tied to your account to spend later (early Jan 2021) on a reward setup. We are treating these purchases in a very similar way to a Kickstarter campaign, wherein you donate money in return for rewards later.

Visit this page to purchase these credits and read the FAQs for more information. We have also released a preview of some items that you may spend credits on.

For a limited time, each dollar spent will give 50% more credit to your account. This ends January 5th, 2021. This is a thank you to early backers who support us during this difficult time. Rewards will be similar to what we offered in our previous Kickstarter Tiers, but broken down into individual items so you can pick and choose between them.

We have been building this game for over a year, including releasing a demo showing proof of concept, which was extremely well received. We have since rebuilt it with a larger scale and a stronger team, all whilst not having a single dollar of income from this project. 

This is the last hoo-rah for us, if we don't get enough funds to cover our development through Jan and Feb until we acquire real funding, then it's all over. Without funding now, we can not cover the costs of continued development (server and software costs) and the team will fall apart. We aren’t making some small 2D RPG which can be made by one person in their spare time, we need a team of people, working full time in order to make any real progress, and there’s a limit to how long you can make that happen for free.

We really need your support over the next few weeks. If we do not hit the funding we need by January 5th, 2021 (in the order of $30k USD), we will refund everyone's money and close the game down.

Asking for money from the community, especially as desperate as this seems, is not fun. I have no doubt some people will disagree with this decision, and that’s absolutely fine, but this is the only viable way for us to continue development of the game. We know this won't be for everyone, so please use your judgement. We have done absolutely everything we can to show we are a very capable team with a great game and future if we get over this hump. Our large community, great demo reviews, discord/communication presence, dev blogs & streams really show this. We are absolutely as transparent as we can be.

It's over to you now to support us and make this game happen.

Check out the latest info about the game on our website, over on our discord server and on our social platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.