Kickstarter Results

Posted by: Ghostflex

We have reached the end of our Kickstarter campaign with a final total of $185,853 AUD and 839 backers! Although we did not reach our goal, we are incredibly grateful for the support everyone has given us over the last month. We are very proud of the amazing community that has grown around the game. To have come from an almost unknown project to this point is incredible, and has shown us there is a real desire for this game.

We hope everyone enjoyed playing the demo as much as we have enjoyed sharing our game. It has been great fun seeing people explore Glimmermore, test out the game's features, and find every bug imaginable. The feedback from the community has been incredibly useful in shaping our plans, we couldn’t have got here without you.

Despite the result of the Kickstarter, we are continuing to work on TitanReach. However, it is worth bearing in mind that we may not be able to stick to the timeline that was presented previously, as it depended on funding from Kickstarter.

Future Plans

We will start an Indiegogo campaign in 8 weeks time to raise $200k AUD; enough to develop an alpha build of the game. We are swithcing to Indiegogo in order to allow for PayPal payments and due to some issues with the Kickstarter platform. There will be another chance to play the game during the Indiegogo campaign. We will use the time before the start of Indiegogo to focus on building the systems required to reach alpha, taking the time to show what makes our game unique and demonstrating our vision for TitanReach.

There will be several differences between our Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns which we feel will help us to succeed next time round. We have discussed some of the major changes below:

Firstly, we are now going to fund the project incrementally by only asking for the resources needed to develop an alpha version of the game. We will then look for further funding once the alpha is complete. This allows the cost of the project to be spread out, and also allows us to demonstrate more clearly what is being given in return for your support.

Secondly, we know that many people felt that the Kickstarter rewards were not worth their cost. We will be working with the community to review all the rewards available during Kickstarter. We hope that adding better rewards, for better value, especially in the lower brackets, will incentivise more people to support the game.

Thirdly, we will be working hard to ensure that information about the game is readily available. We will use our website as a central location to share news, previews and developer blogs. These features, alongside other content will be shared on social platforms as well as our discord. We will be putting a much larger priority on advertising from here on.

Finally, we will be updating our demo with brand new content, updated game systems such as combat, and an upgraded visual style which will be closer to full release.

Thank you once again for all your support. We hope you will continue to follow the game over the next few months. We will keep you updated with our progress through our social media and on Discord.

We look forward to playing alongside you again during our Indiegogo campaign.