Development Blog #18

Posted by: Ghostflex

It is now just over one week since the launch of Early Access.

While the launch did not go perfectly smoothly, we’re honoured by how positive the reaction to the game seems to have been. You’ve made us extremely hopeful about the prospects of the game going forward. 

Our primary focus this week has been on bug fixing; removing exploits and issues reported by the community and trying to increase server stability. We think we have managed to iron out a significant amount of the serious issues. The quest system is now working properly. If you didn't get the whole way through the tutorial, your progress will have been reset so that you can try it again. We also fixed several instances which would cause servers or clients to crash, and you should be less likely to get stuck logging in.

If you struggled to play the game at first due to any problems, it might be worth giving it another go now that the game is more stable.

Thank you everyone who took the time to report bugs you found, everything we fix makes the game better in the future.
Here are a few screenshots taken from the start of Early Access:

Next steps

We aim to release content updates to Early Access at least once per week. Sometimes these will just be small patches, other times it will be larger reworks or new features. We look forward to showing you all the progress we can make over the next 8 months.

Alongside continued bug fixes, we will be releasing several additions to Early Access over the next week:

New armour

New models for leather armour (replacing wolf and bear armour models)
This is an example of the lower level of the two.

Character creator

We will be finishing the character creator which did not quite make it into the launch version of Early Access.
This will include male character models, new default clothing options and face tattoos.

PvP island

Although we do not have the finalised combat system in the game, we will be adding a very basic PvP arena to the game for people to test their skills.

Finishing Glimmermoore

Glimmermoore will be getting some finishing touches, with new decorations, and interiors for the bank and tavern.
Take a look at some of the new assets:

Farm area

We will be adding a new farm area near to Glimmermoore. Here are a couple of assets we have built for it.


We will be re-balancing xp and gold costs based on your feedback.


We will be releasing our game launcher to make installing new patches simpler.
Take a look at some of our designs below.


Thank you once again everyone for an amazing first week live, and for continuing to follow our progress.

Posted at: 16 March 2021, 12:10:10 AM (GMT +0)