Early Access Released

Posted by: Ghostflex

Early Access is now live!
Download the game here

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who is taking part and supporting our game so early into development. This game simply wouldn’t exist without you.

We hope everyone enjoys Early Access. However, we want to reiterate again, that Early Access is an opportunity to be a part of the early development of the game. You are playing the most recent build available, and is not any form of polished release. Right now the game is basically in its minimum playable state, and is missing several key features.

The game is not yet at a point where people can play it as their daily MMO, we intend for players to play for a small amount of time with the option to grind higher stats if they really want. We will frequently releasing updates so players will have a reason to come back with every new patch.

There are likely to be several issues initially. We hope none of them will be too severe, but we will be fixing problems as quickly as we can.
One main thing to be aware of - there is currently no character customisation screen. You will spawn in with a fixed female character.
The character creator wasn't quite ready in time, but will be available in a couple of days (including for existing characters).
You can check out #npc-creations to see what some of the character creation options will be.

Throughout Early Access there will be content updates and bug fixes every week. 
For now, we have been primarily focused on developing new systems over content, but we will be pumping out new content soon.
Unfortunately we do not have our launcher finished for Early Access, so for the first couple of updates people will have to re-download the game manually. The launcher will be one of the first additions coming after Early Access release.

In some of our recent announcements we promised everyone with Early Access on release 10 free credits. These will be being given out in a couple of days.

Key features and changes from the demo:

New Map
- The map has been completely rebuilt using new models and textures
(We are no longer using any store bought assets, except for animals and a couple of trees for now)
- Terrain textures
- Buildings
- New environment props
- Crafting stations
- Gathering locations

New Character Models
- Several sets of clothing for the new characters
- New models for three low level melee and ranged armour sets
- New models for three low level sets of tools and weapons

New Features
- New account and character system
- Party system
- Quest dialog system
- Friends and ignore list
- Pet system
- Trading
- All trees choppable
- Title changer
- New audio settings menu
- Chat revamp (different chat types, PMs etc.)
- Linking items in chat
- Bank tokens for bulk trading
- Controller support (not currently for the UI)
- System for following other players
- New music & sounds

Gameplay Changes
- We have reduced xp rates significantly compared to the demo. They are probably too low for now, but we would rather set them too low than too high.
- Cooking has been tweaked to better take your level into account.
- Swimming has been improved.

Other Additions
- Bug report system (both in-game and on Website)
- Improved movement netcode
- Anti-cheat improvements

Key features coming very soon
(within the next couple of weeks)
- Character creation and customisation.
- Game Launcher
- PvP Island
- Quest Log

What has not yet been changed
- Combat: we don't want to rush this system, expect it over the next couple of months.
- UI Rework: same as with combat, these two systems are extremely linked
- Non humanoid monster models (chickens, cows & other animals)

Posted at: 07 March 2021, 04:46:18 AM (GMT +0)