Development Blog #16

Posted by: Ghostflex

Hey all!
We’re back with another update on our progress over the last couple of weeks. We’re sorry about the delay since the last dev blog - the whole team has been really focused on the Early Access release coming at the end of the month. Hopefully you’ll enjoy seeing what we’ve been working on nonetheless.

Before we get into our recent progress, we have some introductions to make.
We have recently taken on three new team members to help us build the game you all deserve. Please welcome our new team members.

Seriub is our new animator. We’ve had several delays recently caused by issues setting up our character models ready to be animated, but now that we’re past most of them, Seriub will be making us some awesome animations!

Disapproval has joined the team to create a new UI for TitanReach. This is a long and arduous process, which unfortunately won't make it into the release of Early Access, but we know she’s up to the job.

Finally, Stardust has also joined the team as another 3D modeller. She is helping us bring the world to life with a series of props and decorations - making the world feel a bit less empty.

This brings the team up to a total of 14 members. We’ve come a long way from the handful only 6 months ago, and we’re well on the way to building the game we’ve been dreaming of.

Anyway, you’re here to see some previews, so let’s get into it.

Character Progress

There has been a significant amount of progress with our player characters over the past few weeks.
Natalie has been hard at work making clothing and reworking the armour for the new characters. But first, she spent some time on some glorious facial hair.

With our character rig being finished and an animator on the team, we’re finally able to bring some life to our characters.
Check out some of our fun little experiments we made:

On a more serious note, here is an early look at our new running animation from Seriub.

Courtesy of Ninja, we also have a preview of the design for the founders and golden capes which are available through the credit store.

Weapons and Tools

Solar has been finishing off the copper and iron tools before moving on to making new skilling stations. The skilling stations are still early in development, but we can show off the tools.

Environment Progress

Trickz and Sean have been working incredibly hard on building a modular housing pack to build Glimmermoore without any of the bought assets. Anyone who has been watching their streams will have seen the progress over the last few weeks. With this housing pack we can build a whole range of houses, including the new Glimmermoore bank:

Stardust has also been building props to decorate Glimmermoore, bringing some life to the town. Take a look at some of her first pieces.

Pet System

Simon has implemented the start of our pet system. It’s still very simple for now, but you can now choose a pet from your list of unlocked pets, and have it follow you around the world. If you ever get too far away from your pet, it will jump back to you.

On the theme of pets, we also have a concept for the Storm Cat from the credit store, let us know what you think.


You are now able to select which of your titles you will display in game. The UI is temporary, but it gets the job done.
Take a look here.

Chat System

Ghostflex and Simon have improved the in game chat system. Private messages, local and party chat all have their own channels. These different chat channels can be switched using text commands, or through the interface.
Here is a short video.

You can also now link items in chat.


In order to make trading and transporting large quantities of items less painful, Unravel has implemented a way to stack non-stackable items. You can now withdraw token versions of items from your bank. These tokens cannot be used for anything other than trading or selling, but can be converted back at any time via your bank.
Check out the new system here.

Bug Report System

In order to streamline the bug reporting process throughout Early Access we have implemented a system into our client and the website. This will reduce the spam in discord, and make it easier to maintain a list of known bugs.

UI Changes

Although the new UI won't be coming out at the start of early access, we have been taking the first steps into designing what the UI elements will look like. We’re still in the very early design phase right now, but Marta is doing a great job of guiding us through the process. Take a look at some of our the initial concepts:

Vern has also been working on some preliminary sound effects to go with the new UI.
Take a look at this funky button, and a possible “on play” sound effect.


Thank you everyone for your patience waiting for this dev blog. We’re all working hard to make Early Access as successful as we can. Not too long to wait now!

If you somehow missed the announcement, make sure to check out our most recent post, where we have just announced the release date for Early Access!

Posted at: 16 February 2021, 12:34:43 PM (GMT +0)