Early Access Announcement

Posted by: Ghostflex

Not too much longer to wait now!

Our Pre-Alpha Early Access will release on Sunday 28th February at 3pm AEST (5am Sunday GMT, 9pm Saturday PST). That’s less than two weeks away!
Here is a link to a countdown.

To go alongside our Early Access release, we will also be launching a 25% bonus credit sale. This will start two days before the start of Early Access, at 5pm Friday 26th AEST (7am Friday GMT, 11pm Thursday PST). The sale will last for the first week of Early Access. Hopefully this will allow some people to access the game who might not be able to otherwise, and give more freedom to people who are enjoying Early Access to buy other items as well.

If you would like to take part in Early Access, head over to our store to purchase access.

As with all game development, we’ve faced some issues down the line which have slowed our development. While these delays are unfortunate, the end is now in sight, so we feel comfortable giving a launch date.

There are currently 330 people who will be playing the Early Access. We can’t wait to start playing with you all, and to see what you think of it. We’ll be listening to the feedback from everyone in the Early Access through both discord and formal bug reports. Early Access will not be limited by any form of NDA so you can stream or make videos about the game freely.

We’re incredibly excited to get everyone playing, but it’s worth reiterating what Early Access really is - a way for the most enthusiastic members of our community to be involved throughout the whole development process. This is not a full alpha release, and is not really comparable to Steam Early Access.

On launch there will be extremely limited content. It has taken us a long time to rebuild the demo in such a way that we can continually add to it over the next year.

Most of the game-play features at launch will be the same as in the demo. The majority of changes we have made are the entirely updated graphical style (moving away from purchased assets to in house), the rebuild of the game world, and some quality of life changes.

Early Access will have bugs, some features might not work, or will be delayed. We will be updating it as often as possible, most often with small updates and periodically with larger features. We are aiming to release a new patch every week.

We will post a full set of patch notes and a road-map for Early Access in the next few days. While you’re waiting, make sure you check out our new dev blog we have just released.

Thank you once again for all the support you have given us, and for your patience while we work towards Early Access. Your wait is almost over, and we hope to see you in game soon.

Posted at: 16 February 2021, 12:10:10 PM (GMT +0)