Meet the Team - Natalie

Posted by: Ghostflex

Hey everyone! I'm Natalie, I'm 30 and I'm a 3D character artist on the TitanReach team.

When I was a kid, I always loved painting and I started attending special courses to improve my skills to become an architect or a designer one day. Unfortunately, it didn't happen and my life turned into something completely different – I got higher education in international relations but I never worked in the field – I changed a few jobs as a sales manager, a teacher, I was even a bar owner and did a few more things along the way. Finally, I understood that I was going nowhere and returned to something I really felt like doing – art. I had been taking painting classes for a few years when one day I got to know a person who was a professional 3D artist, he told me a lot about it and as a result, I got inspired and decided to start my voyage into 3D. After spending quite a lot of time learning 3D, I worked on a lot of projects – making characters for games and miniatures for 3D printing.

I joined the TitanReach team in Jan 2021 but I got to know Unravel and Fish earlier – at the stage when they were developing their demo and they needed someone to make robes for the characters they had. I liked the idea the guys were working on and when they contacted me again asking to become a full member of their team and to work on 3D characters - I was glad to join.

Speaking of my gamer experience, when I was a kid/teenager I used to spend a lot of time playing video games – my all-time favorite was Heroes of Might and Magic III but generally I mostly played different economic sim games like Tropico, Zeus, Civilization series, Theme Hospital, etc. I also liked GTA (my fav one was Vice City), Sims and some other weird Russian games. Unfortunately, at the moment I don't have much time for playing – the most recent ones I did play though were coop versions of Divinity Original Sin 2, Portal and some short indie games.

In my free time I love going out, being outside, especially cycling and skiing (I'm originally from Siberia, so snow was never a problem). I also love reading and playing board games (before the pandemic hit, I used to visit board game meetings regularly). Overall, people say I'm fun to be with, some call me nerdy and yes, I love to talk about and listen to metal music.