Meet the Team - Sean

Posted by: Ghostflex

Hello! I'm Sean, I'm 35, and currently living in the UK but was raised in the States in my younger years which has resulted in a very strange accent! I'm currently working at Square Root Studios as an Environment Artist which is just a fancy way of saying I spend most days making rocks!

I pretty much wanted to work in games since I was a teeny lil' bean but first started to dabble in game design when I was in my late teens with programs like Game Maker and RPG Maker. I also dabble in music from time to time and like to cover music from classic games that I grew up with.

I graduated from university after taking a course in Game Art and Design and also have worked as a mentor for those wanting to learn the ropes with 3D. Oddly enough my intentions were to become a concept artist but after opening up Maya for the first time I fell in LOVE with 3D work!

What was once a little side gig to keep my skills from rusting through volunteer work, has since turned into a full time job here which is pretty fricking awesome. I seriously love what I do and feel very lucky to be able to do it.

This feels kinda generic and dull, so here are some random facts about me!

Fave food - Pizza! (Extra pepperoni)

Pet - Loki, the Bengal cat

Fave colour - Orange! So underrated!

Fave thing to model - Ancient ruins

Fave Software - Substance Painter, Photoshop and Maya! Though Zbrush is also a lot of fun! 

My wedding has been canceled 3 times due to Covid!

Hoping to learn how to animate 3D soon.

My most funny moment at Square Root was letting a toot rip during a call with the team and hearing them burst into hysterics. Don't think they knew it was me (They will now!)

Seeing you all get excited and talking about the game just gets me soooo motivated! So thank you. See you around!

Sean Mwah mwah! XX