Meet the Team - Vern

Posted by: Ghostflex

What up nerds, Vern here. I'm a 23 year old American with an unhealthy obsession with all things audio. I'm the team's composer and sound designer, which means anything you hear in game was made by me! I've got mild permanent tinnitus from years of music production at volumes no sane person would even consider, but it's quiet enough it doesn't affect my love of audio (as long as I keep things to a reasonable volume to avoid making it worse).

I began making music when I was 10, but my love for music started about 3 years earlier when I started taking piano lessons. I dropped them after a couple years (and as such I'm rusty with a piano), but the desire to make music never faded. I picked up Magix, a loop machine, then Mixcraft, then eventually found a permanent home in FL Studio. Since then, I've tried out everything from Ableton to Reaper, but I eventually settled on a mix between FL and Pro Tools for the versatility between music and SFX production. In addition, I use iZotope RX8 for its powerful suite of SFX editing tools, then FL or Pro Tools to put everything together.

Believe it or not, TitanReach is my first MMORPG. I grew up playing FPS games like Call of Duty and CSGO (which I got extremely good at for a while), and my new favorite game is Destiny 2. It's the closest I've gotten to an actual MMO. However, I'm pretty sure my first game ever was Minecraft. I've been playing it since the Alpha, and I still hop on every now and then to play. I also like horror games as well as survival, though I'm very picky about what I play in those genres.

Other than that, I have a lot of hobbies I attempt to be good at. I've dabbled in animation, pixel art, and graphic design, which I'm passable and quite capable, but my true other hobby is writing. I've been writing stories as long as I've been making music, but I've never actually finished a book. I'm currently working on a story that I plan to actually finish, however, which you can check out if you join my Discord server here.

Additionally, my server will contain links to all my current projects and hobbies once I finish building it. I currently have a massive cyberpunk worldbuilding project, links to my music, and my Wattpad (when's the last time you heard that name?), which contains nothing but original works. I'm very open to constructive criticism overall, and I love to hear how I can improve!

That's about it from me. Take it easy, y'all. Vern out!
(P.S. My name isn't actually Vern Carson. Enjoy that tidbit of information, nerds)