Meet the Team - Trickzbunny

Posted by: Ghostflex

Hey all!
Trickzbunny here, I'm Jeffrey 29 years old. Born and raised in Switzerland, half South African and currently living in California. My wife and I live very close to Disneyland, but sadly it's been closed - covid and stuff.

I am the level designer and also work on game design with some of the other devs. I always enjoy reading through community suggestions and seeing you all come up with great things. Even if you don't always hear from us in there we do browse around and I can guarantee a few things may have already been snatched up from there! I studied Filmmaking (Directing) in NY and later on went back to study and graduated with an AFA and BFA in Game Design.

Unravel may say it hasn't been easy managing a team of monkeys, but everyone in the community knows who the real monkey is ;)

I've been working with our Monkey Boss Unravel on a bunch of the things lately which haven't been very visual as it's mostly been about optimization or improving the workflow and making it a lot easier for us to create the large world of Alyssia.

MMO's? Yes!
Runescape Completionist & Maxed alt. Throughout the years it was an on and off thing, although I haven't properly played in a few months after getting that 200m Arch xp. Played WOW plus mainly Flyff & BDO along with other stuff on the way. I typically enjoy merching (making money) so I don't have to worry about anything. I also like hunting down achievements. Other games would be League of Legends, Overall Survival-Games or FPS (COD).

Besides video games, I enjoy board games and used to play nearly weekly with friends or strangers at meet ups. I love to go to the movies with my wife which used to nearly be weekly (pre-Covid). Especially since there's the $20 per month subscription where you could watch up to 3 movies per week, which is a damn steal!