Meet the Team - Spyda

Posted by: Ghostflex

Hey guys, Dom (Spyda) here. 26 years old and living the dream in Brisbane, Australia, with my two cats, Astrid and Ophelia.

Like many people on the team, and in the community, I've been a long time Runescape 3 player. After seeing TitanReach explode on YouTube thanks to content creators like Maikeru and ProtoxxGaming, I joined Square Root Studios in September as a full stack developer. I handle all things site and server (and occassionally the email, when someone breaks something!), and despite what the rest of the team think, I like to consider myself a real boy programmer.

I currently work full-time as a Business Analyst and Developer (specialising in web development) at Australia's biggest Telco, so I don't get to spend as much time working with the team as I'd like to, but in the time I have, it's been absolutely amazing to see what we've been able to churn out in such a short time, with such a small team! It's been a big learning curve, and there has been a lot of learning on-the-fly, but as all of the best developers will tell you - That's the best way to do it!

When I'm not working or helping out on TitanReach, I'm playing piano (been playing since I was about 4 #flex), out buying as many plants as I can possibly fit onto my tiny balcony (if I can eat the plant, even better!), playing other games (have you checked out "The Last of Us - Part 2" yet? If you haven't, get onto it!), or telling those gosh darn kids to get off my lawn.

I've recently finished building some of our public APIs for account statistics, and creating our account system. My current project is working through a site redesign to better support our constantly evolving content. I love working through this design with the community and will always jump into voice chat when I can so we can build something we all love!

I'm always up for a good chat, so if you're ever hanging around, drop me a line, and if we're ever allowed to travel again and you're in Brisbane, let's grab a beveragino.

Astrid and Ophelia