Meet the Team - Unravel

Posted by: Ghostflex

Hey everyone. I'm Hayden, 31, husband & father. I co-founded this studio and am the lead programmer.

Recently moved from Adelaide to Brisbane (Australia). I enjoy long walks on the beach gaming, mainly MMORPGs. I've been playing them for 20 years, seen the rise and fall of many of them. I have always been a critic and heavily involved in the community of games I play. Over that time I've built up a form of database inside me of what players want, and why games have died.

Fish and I founded Square Root Studios right before COVID hit. Despite all the downsides COVID has brought to the world, gaming is at an all time high, and remote work becoming more normal has opened up the opportunity for SRS to be spread across the world.

It hasn't been easy managing this team of monkeys. There's been drama, there's been goodbyes. I have learnt a LOT about running a team and keeping everyone on task despite differences in time zones. Taking the time to learn about team structure & delegation has been worth it. The collaboration tools out there in this day and age really allow this to happen. Software is incredible!

There is no I in Team. This game wouldn't be at its scale and scope without our incredible team. We started off as a small group of volunteers, and as the scope and quality of our game got larger, so did our recruitment requirements. We have had over 100 applications to join our team since we started the Kickstarter demo. It has been an incredible response, and so many of these people have such great potential. Unfortunately, we had to decline most because we need quite specific skillsets. I have 200% faith in the competence of each member of our current team. They are all incredible at what they do, even if one of them is just a web dev.

My dream for the last 15 years was always to run a small software studio. I envisioned an office with 5-10 employees making some quality software for the world. I didn't realise until right now, that minus the office (and the salaries, for now), that dream is now a reality.

Recently, I have been working with Trickzbunny (Level Design) on some new tools/systems for the new Glimmermoore and generally ensuring the whole art to game workflow is running smoothly. I have also been working on the new Lighting system, and some new combat on the side.

Lastly, you don't see it but a large amount of TitanReach's success comes down to my wife, who for the last year has supported me leaving my job for this. We have drained our savings and she has pretty much been a single parent to our 2 little girls to help this dream come true.