Early Access will be Free to Play

Posted by: Echo

We have a big announcement today that we're hoping you will like! As a team, we have been discussing different methods to broaden our audience, reward those of you who have supported us so far and also give players more of a bang for their buck. This will be done in three stages.


Early Access will become Free to Play

On the 1st of August at 10 AM, Sydney time (GMT+10) the Early Access phase of development will be Free to Play! That means anyone with an account on the TitanReach website will be able to play for free until the Closed Alpha begins. This will not only open the game up to a lot more people but allows those of you who have supported us but didn't have the financial means to play the game.

This means that Early Access will be removed from the store on the 1st of August as well. If you buy or have already bought Early Access before it becomes Free to Play, you will receive some exclusive rewards for your account! These include the Founder title for your characters, an Early Access cosmetic cape, and an Early Access badge that will be displayed on your character inspection screen at a later date.


Most store items will be accessible in-game

When the Early Access becomes Free to Play on the 1st of August at 10 AM, Sydney time (GMT+10), most purchased items from the store will be added in-game for players to use. This includes all pets, the Early Access rewards, the Golden Cape, and the Founders Outfit and Cape (which have since been removed from the store).


Buying the Closed Alpha will give you more value for money

At the same time that the Early Access goes Free to Play, limited edition packs for the Closed Alpha will go live on the store. Until the 1st of October, the Closed Alpha will be sold in three packs: Bronze, Silver and Gold. If you have already purchased the Closed Alpha before the packs go live on the store, you will automatically be upgraded to the Bronze pack free of charge. Each pack will include several items, some that are limited edition and will not be available after the sale is over. For more information on what exactly is included, visit the TitanReach website on the 1st of August!


We hope with these changes in place, the community feels more of a return on the support they give us, both financially and not. If you have any questions, please message Echo on Discord or ask one of our moderators and we'd be happy to help!

Posted at: 21 July 2021, 09:42:02 AM (GMT +0)