Patch Notes 0.4.1

Posted by: Echo

It's finally here! We thank you for your patience over the last few months while this patch was being developed. Unfortunately, Glimmermoore was in an unplayable state for one reason or another which meant that we couldn't release a build sooner. Between ripping up the land and completely rebuilding the world, changing a lot of gameplay loops, and even tweaking some of the levels required to do certain actions. The patch will become available on the 14th of July 2021, at 12:00pm (GMT+10). You can find the full detailed notes below.


Glimmermoore: Glimmermoore has been completely rebuilt in a new polished style as previewed in previous posts and on social media!

PvP Island: Our PvP island has been completely rebuilt with a similar style to Glimmermoore. Explore several mini biomes and battle against other players in open combat. Creatures and resource nodes have been temporarily disabled while the map is being polished off.

Launcher: You can now use our experimental launcher to download and launch the game! This means that pushing changes and patching should become a lot quicker in the future. Please note that when updating your client, the entire game will need to redownload. This is temporary and will be improved.

New Creatures: Explore Glimmermoore to discover several new creatures that were previously unavailable such as the stag, doe, and giant rat. All creatures within the game also have several variations in their appearance.

New Pets: All new creatures have a low chance of dropping a unique pet.

Day and Night Cycle: A 4 hour day and night cycle has been introduced into the game which also affects shadows and our new skyboxes.

Lighting and VFX: There have been many levels of changes with lighting, shadows, postprocessing, and VFX within the world.

Cloth Physics: Cloth physics have been made and are slowly getting implemented and tweaked. You may find that some of your gear behaves differently!


Character Resets

  • Some unlocked pets reset
  • Character kill counts reset
  • Tutorial quest progress reset


  • Creature animations added
  • Idle animations added to NPCs
  • Some player animations tweaked


  • Hotbar
  • Chatbox
  • Combat stances
  • Compass
  • Minimap
  • Hitsplats
  • Nameplates
  • Item pickup
  • XP globes
  • FPS meter

3D Model Replacements

  • All tree types
  • Vegetation
  • Props for the inside and surroundings of buildings
  • Wolves, spiders, rabbits, bears, deers (replaced with stags and does)
  • Various crafting stations
  • cave interiors
  • and many, many more!

Woodcutting Changes

  • Willow trees were moved from Level 30 to Level 10
  • Oak trees were moved from Level 10 to Level 40
  • Birch trees were replaced with Aspen trees. Any Birch items are now Aspen items
  • Cherry trees and Cherry items have been removed


  • The game will momentarily freeze when rendering a new chunk
  • Some colliders are missing (still report these in case we've missed any)
  • You need to press ESC twice to completely exit out of UI windows
  • Numpad numbers do not work at crafting stations
  • Lighting and postprocessing are not final

Please report any other bugs you come across as it supports our team in fixing them faster! You can do that on the website, in-game, or on Discord.

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