Development Blog #26

Posted by: Echo

This week's development blog will be a little bit different. Over the past month or so our team have been doing little bits and pieces behind the scenes for a new region that's coming to Alyssia. Most of this is unseen except for a couple of snippets that have been previewed by some members of the Discord who have the 'Titan Master' role.


Taurboro Steppe

Taurboro Steppe is a savannah landscape filled with unique and wild creatures, found nowhere else in Alyssia. In addition, vegetation will be different than in Glimmermoore. You may recall seeing the below image in a previous post. Most of this vegetation was created for Taurboro Steppe.


Unique Creatures

The first creature that we'd like to showcase is the Taurboro, a bulky four-legged animal that draws qualities from boars, rhinoceroses and porcupines. As you may already suspect from the name of the region, Taurboro's are going to be one of the most predominant creatures found within the area. While typically docile, they may become hostile when you approach their territory or offspring. Locals hunt Taurboro's for their horns which are made into trinkets and accessories.


The next creature that we're going to showcase is the Giraptor, which shares traits with eagles, giraffes and raptors (as the name suggests). Although this carnivorous creature lacks the ability to fly, it makes up for it in its run speed.


Within Taurboro Steppe, wild herds of Zimpala may be seen grazing. This docile creature has features resembling a zebra and impala, but with a more unique colour approach. You may have seen a snippet of them in the background of a gif from last week's development blog.


We have a lot more planned when it comes to the fauna and flora of the region in the works, one being a lion-like creature that is currently in the design phase.


What else will Taurboro Steppe bring?

In addition to new wildlife, the region will have resources that are unobtainable from within the Glimmermoore area, new quests and at least one town filled with NPCs. More discussions on world lore and how it affects the region will also be discussed.


Thank You

Thanks for reading this week's development blog. We hope you liked the new style and format. Let us know if you did and we may consider doing a similar blog for other regions in the future and potentially another blog on Taurboro Steppe after it's more fleshed out and has been built in-game.

Posted at: 29 May 2021, 01:49:35 AM (GMT +0)