Development Blog #25

Posted by: Echo

Welcome back to another development blog. We apologise for this being released a day late, I (Echo) have been moving over the weekend and it's been crazy busy!


3D Props

Due to our old forge being poorly optimised and having some criticism behind its design, we have remade the forge and it is ready to be implemented. We have also created a more basic version of an anvil and whetstone to give more variety. A large bridge has also been created and will be featured within Glimmermoore.



Some new ground textures have been created and are being used within some of Glimmermoore and its surrounding areas.



Programmers have continued from last week, reworking world streaming systems and beginning the rework of our gathering skills to give better rewards to more active players. Below is an example of a method currently being worked on that allows the player to left-click (auto-attack) trees in order to gain logs at a faster pace than pressing 'E' and waiting.




We have some new animations to show you! Two new combat related animations as well as an animation related to Arcana. 



Store Items

Last week we teased that we were working on some concepts and models for items from the credit store in order to get them ready to be added to the game. We're excited to show you some of the pets that we've been working on!