Development Blog #23

Posted by: Echo

Welcome back to another weekly development blog! We'd love to share what's been happening.


Concept Art

We have a new concept for some new weapons and tools for you to see! A new concept for armour of the same tier is currently being worked on.


Skill and Item Icons

New skill and item icons are going through a design phase and although we have nothing to show the public yet, the internal discussions and previews look amazing so far and we can't wait for you to see them in-game! Even if icons aren't mentioned in upcoming development blogs, know that they are being worked on in the background. It is a long process as there are hundreds of items currently in-game with more being added from time to time.


3D Props

Some boulders and large rocks have been designed to create borders between certain areas of the map. Some signs, flowers, carts and internal assets have also been created.


3D Character Models

Time has been spent creating several variations for different creatures such as bears and spiders. This allows us to recycle similar 3D models while creating whole new creatures such as a red scorpion that can burn its target or a green scorpion that could leave a deadly poison on its prey!

Some does have also been created as well as some butterflies and a dragonfly to create a better atmosphere while exploring the world.