Development Blog #21

Posted by: Echo

Hi everybody! While we aren't revealing the new and upcoming area that is currently in development- we still want to share some of what the team have been working on this week.


Concept Art

Concept art has been created for some Koblin homes as well as a new type of armour!


3D Props

Artists have been creating some new flora to make the world of Alyssia feel more alive. Some other assets such as a Koblin building and interior props have been designed.


3D Character Models

The team have shifted focus this week, steering away from clothing and moving onto replacing some of the store-bought assets such as rabbits, wolves and spiders. As development continues we aim to make 100% of our assets unique to TitanReach.



Outside of API and UI changes, programmers have been fixing smaller problems such as terrain issues and fixing fog, while also working on bigger systems that won't be seen until much further down the track. Water interactions involving the follow command and making fires have also been fixed. Several bugs related to crafting have also been fixed.



More animations have been created for both the player models and chickens! With the chickens having a death animation as dramatic as that, we almost feel bad putting them to the slaughter!



Level and Game Design

Some areas of Glimmermoore have been fleshed out. There is a new tavern and bank interior, Glimmermoore Farm has been redesigned with new content and some areas outside of town have been drafted. Some of this will hopefully be ready to go in the next patch.


Website and API Changes

As some of you may already be aware, we have started weekly polls on the website! We encourage community input as although these polls may not drive content that comes to the game, it gives developers an insight into how the community is thinking and feeling while also being a fun new way for players to engage with the community. In addition, a press kit has been created for the website and should go live soon. We have also continued adding to the list of public APIs found here.


UI Design

Our UI artist and one of our programmers have been busy creating final renditions of the UI and implementing it. Some of this will soon be in-game. We hope to show you some of this in the next patch.

Posted at: 24 April 2021, 05:56:36 AM (GMT +0)