Patch Notes 0.4

Posted by: Echo

Thank you for your continued support with TitanReach. We are excited to share our latest patch notes with you and look forward to seeing you in-game. You will find the full detailed notes below.


PvP Island: Take the portal to our new PvP Island and fight your friends and foes! Explore the map to find new higher tier resources and enemies on your travels. Items in your inventory drop on death - do NOT take anything that you aren't prepared to lose!
Character Customisation: You can now customise the appearance of your character by pressing the icon next to the play button on the character select screen. This can be done as many times as you want for free during the Early Access. You can also convert your character to a male model through this method.
New Gear: Some new weapon and armour sets have been introduced into the world - Wolfbane, Vertium and Darksteel!
New Tools: Cobalt tools have been added to the game.
New Map and Instance System: As a part of creating the PvP instance, a new map and instance system were created, making it easier to create new instances in the future.
Jewellery: Equipped neck slot jewellery is now visible on player models.
Player Inspect System: You can now inspect other players!


3D Model Replacements

  • Bows
  • Fishing Rod
  • Tier 2 and 3 Leather Armours
  • Cows
  • New Bank Interior

Settings Menu Improvements

  • Invert y-axis
  • Grass and Shadow Settings

Quality of Life

  • Pressing 'escape' and 'tab' will now close menus as expected
  • Some panels are now draggable


  • Some items and tools have had their stats tweaked


  • Player health bars have been fixed
  • Fixed an issue with levels displaying incorrectly


Notes: Unfortunately the launcher is not quite ready to be released yet. You will need to manually download the patch again this time. We will be releasing the launcher as soon as it has been thoroughly tested. Fog has also been temporarily disabled.

Posted at: 12 April 2021, 12:21:57 PM (GMT +0)