Meet the Team

TitanReach is a huge game, made up of a number of moving pieces. Whether it be the amazing 3D models, realistic sound effects, thrilling tracks you see (and hear) in-game, or other work happening behind the scenes like building the website, managing the team, meeting with investors and more, none of this work would be possible without our amazing team.

Unravel Co-Founder and Developer

Unravel is the co-founder for Square Root Studios and is the lead programmer for TitanReach. In addition to programming, Unravel supports his team with game design and delegates tasks to ensure the team meet deadlines. He has worked in different IT positions throughout his career and has been working on TitanReach full-time since late 2019 alongside his business partner and friend, Fish. Unravel has recently moved to Brisbane, Australia and enjoys spending his free time gaming with his wife, spending time with the kids and playing with the family dog.

Fish Co-Founder and Developer

Fish is the co-founder of Square Root Studios and he has been making games ever since he was shown Pascal when he was 14. He has almost graduated with a mechatronics degree from the University of Technology Sydney. Fish has worked in a variety of fields, including machine learning and developing simulations, and normally enters a yearly autonomous droid race. His favourite games are Rocket League and tabletop simulator games with friends. Fish gets his name ‘Fish’ from it being the only playable character in his attempted recreation of the game 'Nuclear Throne'.

Ghostflex Community / Project Manager and Developer

Ghostflex joined the team in September 2020 as a volunteer community manager, but now works full time on TitanReach as project manager and developer. He works on organising and communicating between our remote team, and on primarily server-side programming. He studied computer science at Birmingham University, and now lives in Sheffield, in the UK. In his spare time, he loves hiking, playing strategy games, flying drones, and other general outdoor activities.

Trickzbunny Game Design & Level Design

Jeffrey aka Trickzbunny joined Square Root Studios back in early March 2020 as a Game Designer & Level Designer. He comes up with different gameplay features, mechanics and systems along with various content of the game. He collaborates with the 3D Artists & Concept Artist to make the world of Alyssia feel beautiful and come to life. Trickzbunny has an AFA and BFA in Game Design. He is originally from Switzerland, but currently lives in California, USA. When he's not working on TitanReach he's spending time watching movies or shows with his wife, bowling, minigolfing, playing tabletop or video games, especially MMORPG's or FPS.

SeanFox 3D Artist

Sean joined the team in October 2020 as a volunteer 3D artist until the start of 2021 when he joined the team full-time. He has been doing 3D art for over 4 years, having first started as a 2D artist. While at university, Sean also worked as a mentor and helped in the teaching of 3D to the years below him. His favourite things to create are majestic ancient ruins!

Solar 3D Artist

Solar - Blade, joined the team in July 2020, as a general 3D artist and took on many different tasks from creating the base character models to some of the early ores until more support was provided. Now he has been set loose onto environmental art along side Sean, doing now what he enjoys most. Solar wants to push the limits of storytelling within the environment itself and can't wait to see what the team can accomplish.

Vern Audio Designer

Vern Carson joined up with the TitanReach crew in May 2020 as an Audio Designer. He works on everything relating to sound in TitanReach, be it SFX or music. While Vern has no formal training in music, he has been honing his skills for over 13 years, initially as a hobbyist but eventually branching into more professional avenues, such as indie game development. Vern currently resides in the United States and can be found writing a book, spending time with friends, or playing a game when not working on audio.

Spyda Web Developer

Spyda joined the TitanReach team in August 2020 as a full-stack (web) developer. In addition to the website, Spyda looks after TitanReach databases, web-server maintenance and external integration. He studied at the Queensland University of Technology and currently works as a Software Engineer for Telstra. When he's not working on TitanReach projects, he can be found playing Runescape, chilling with his cats, or out finding new plants for his garden.

Spyda is based in Brisbane and works with the TitanReach team part-time.

Simondtd Developer

Simondtd joined the TitanReach team in November of 2020 as a programmer. He mainly works on integrating gameplay mechanics and various systems. Simondtd moved from Norway to Australia to study Computer Science at RMIT University and has been a full time student for the past 3 years. In his free time he enjoys working on side projects, going to punk / hardcore shows and collecting records.