Social gameplay is meant to be a core foundation of MMORPGs, and we aim to make this a reality throughout TitanReach:

Form guilds with your friends and meet new people through group activities. Play through open-world content together including mini dungeons, group skilling activities and group slayer bounties, as well as instanced multiplayer content.

Group content

Using a party system and by forming guilds, players will be able to play through open-world content together such as mini dungeon, group skilling activities, and other more challenging content such as group slayer bounties, dungeons and raids.

Player driven economy

Most of the items in the game will be produced by players and tradable with others. The players will set the standards for what items cost through supply and demand. There will be resource and gold sinks built into the game to limit market volatility and inflation.

Trading will require some level of direct interaction between players, either by directly talking to each other and trading, or through player owned stalls/shops. We feel that auction houses limit the sense of community in MMOs as players are given the opportunity to play alone, without actually having to interact with others.

Competitive player vs player

Player versus player (PvP) combat will be a core part of TitanReach. PvP will take several different forms.

Firstly, there will be regions of the open-world which feature constant free-for-all PvP where players will lose all of their equipped items to their killer on death. These high-risk, high-reward regions will be made clear to players and separated from the rest of the world by a boundary.

Secondly, there will be team and individual instanced based arenas which can be used for casual duels between friends or guilds, or for more serious competition. The sole purpose of these arenas will be for PvP combat.

Tavern based minigames

Small card games and board games inside taverns or guilds will provide a way for players to spend time casually socialising with friends and develop the role-playing aspect of MMORPGs, something which can sometimes be ignored.

These games will feature collectible items such as unique card visuals or different pieces, providing a small sense of progression and achievement.