What is a Skill System?

TitanReach contains 20 unique skills, each representing a different aspect of your character.

As you complete activities relating to a particular skill, you gain experience points (XP). Once you have earned enough XP in a skill, that skill levels up.

By levelling a skill you unlock a range of new content such as new abilities to master, equipment to craft, or new locations to discover. Certain skills will complement each other and some features will have multiple different level requirements.

Each skill has a maximum level of 100.

Other skills tend to represent your character’s ability to gather raw resources, process materials into useful items or provide forms of utility through passive effects or abilities.


There are a wide variety of activities which earn skill XP. These range from simple gathering or crafting materials with little input from the player, to more complex or active methods which grant more XP or greater rewards. These activities might require several players to complete, and will sometimes require experience across multiple different skills.