TitanReach will have a wardrobe system which allows you to replace the appearance of your equipment with cosmetic items. Any appearance changes to equipment will be disabled inside of PvP zones.


TitanReach will have a range of free cosmetics which can be earned in the game through quests and in-game currency. There will also be cosmetics available through the TitanReach store which will have no impact on your experience in the game other than the physical appearance of your character.


In TitanReach, you will be able to summon vanity pets as a companion. While they do not assist you in combat or with skills, they provide you with company on your travels. Pets will be managed in a separate UI and only one pet can be summoned at a time. Every animal and monster you kill will have a chance to unlock the corresponding pet for that monster. While the exact rate of pet drops has not been finalised, in the Early Access it is currently a 1 in 2000 chance with odd that improve the more you kill. Any pet obtained through this method will have a separately scaled 'pet size'. Cosmetic pets sold on the store will not be available to earn in game and will be tied to your account. These will generally be interesting or unique pets like a Blood Hound, Storm Cat or Mystic Squirrel. Certain pets from the store may only be available for a limited time.