TitanReach features an action combat system - every enemy, weapon and ability has accurate collision. To prevail in combat you will need to carefully aim your attacks while evading the strikes of your enemies.

Our movement system is designed to make combat dynamic. Learning to dodge attacks through optimal use of rolls, jumps and other movement abilities will be essential to mastering combat.

Combat damage is calculated based on the level of the relevant combat skill, the gear equipped and the ability being used. These factors influence two major statistics: power, which decides the maximum damage a hit can do, and accuracy, which influences how close the damage dealt is to that maximum value.


There are a multitude of weapon options available to players, each with their own skill requirements. Single-handed weapons can be dual wielded in any combination; if you want a magic wand in your main hand and a dagger in the other, you can. Two-handed weapons are powerful, but more specialised.


There are a wide range of combat abilities in TitanReach. You only have access to a limited set of these abilities at any one time. You can only change which abilities you have selected at specific locations, so choosing which abilities you want for your current task will be an important decision. Players will have access to a total of 5 different abilities:

The first two abilities are determined by the weapons you have equipped. Each type of weapon has different abilities, and specific unique weapons may change or modify these abilities. The first of these abilities is typically an auto attack which can be repeatedly chained. The second ability is more specialised and may provide additional utility; a battleaxe might have a powerful ground slam, a bow might have a multi shot or a charge shot, and a sword may have a quick lunge forward, or a parry with a shield equipped. Players can change weapons mid fight to gain new weapon abilities.

The next two abilities are far more general. Which abilities you choose to select is up to you, there is no class system to limit your choices.

The final ability is utility oriented. This will include movement abilities such short range teleports or phases, or healing abilities for yourself or others.

You unlock new abilities primarily through levelling combat skills, but some will be obtained through questing or specific gear. Casting non-weapon abilities is not free, each ability requires a combination of energy or secondary resources such as glyphs. Abilities will also have cooldowns depending on their strength.

Energy System

The energy system is similar to mana or stamina systems from other games. It is a resource which is used to activate combat abilities. It is drained quickly by using abilities, but also regenerates quickly over time.

Combat Styles

Combat is broken down into three styles; melee, ranged and sorcery. Each style has two skills associated with it; one for power, and the other for accuracy. The power skill decides your maximum damage dealt and the accuracy skill determines how reliable your damage is.