TitanReach is a modern re-imagining of old-school style MMORPGs. Veteran players will recognise much from the genre they love, while new features bring the game to life for everyone. The game focuses on a deep skilling system, massive fantasy open-world, engaging quests, and a complex, skill based combat system.

In TitanReach you have the freedom to play the way you want. You can create a tanky sorcerer, a quick and nimble fighter, or even avoid combat entirely.


Demonstrate your skill with our full Action Combat system. Combat is fast paced and dynamic; to prevail you will need to carefully aim your attacks while evading the strikes of your enemies. With a limited set of abilities available at one time, your choices are individual and influential.


Earn experience in 20 unique skills, each representing a different aspect of your character. As you level up, you unlock new abilities to master, equipment to craft, or new locations to discover. Make your own journey through each skill to reach the ultimate goal of level 100.


Whether you prefer the thrill of risking everything in tense duels in permanent PvP areas of the world, or friendly competition between guildmates in arenas, TitanReach has something for everyone.

Slayer System

Make use of a wide range of different skills to track down and kill increasingly difficult bounties in return for rewards and reputation.

Social Aspects

Form guilds with your friends and meet new people through group content such as slayer, raids and a player driven trading system.

End Game

Face challenging world bosses and grueling instanced raids with complex mechanics to master. Gear alone will not be enough to triumph.